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Helping Businesses Compete Online Since 2008

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About Keen Insites

Keen Insites wants to help your business compete online. In 2008 Keen Insites began as a web design firm and has since expanded into the digital media space. We are a boutique firm that still makes our clients feel like they are special. We enjoy helping our customers, building the relationships with them, and growing together.

CEO, Jim LaSalle, believes in the constant striving for perfection. Improve every day. - mentally, physically, professionally, personally. While there are other projects Jim will be launching in the near future, most of the immediate attention will be here at Keen Inistes, building out a great team of customer focused leaders and helping small and mid-sized firms around the country. In addition to KI, Jim was also a Managing Partner at Driven Local from 2010 - 2017, a full service digital media fulfillment firm. Driven Local was acquired in July 2017.

Back in 2008 when Keen Insites was founded, the majority of our projects came from businesses who wanted to run digital media, and their websites were not able to function properly in that environment. That is where the rallying cry of " Help Our Customers Compete Online" came from. This mantra has served our customers, and in turn our company well over the years.

Today, we consult on several projects at any given time and will make certain that the end result is going to be in line with the overall goals of the client.

Interested In Learning how to better compete online?

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