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Social Media Agency

All aspects of Social Media, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management

Keen Insites has put together social media strategies by setting up goals specific to your organizational communication. We put together the plan, execute the plan, and adapt based on engagement and results.

Social Media Advertising & management

Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising has really started to pick up. Never before has it been easier to segment and target individuals who are most likely to need you, want your product, or share with someone who does. Advertising your brand on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Once we know your target demo, we put together profiles and target individuals who fit those profiles. Once we are running for a bit, we build a profile off of the individuals who engage with your ads. We are then able to go and target users based on ther similarities to those who you have had success with previously.

Social Media Management

Want to enhance your social media communication? You came to the right place. It is not just posting regularly...what is your plan?!? We help you put one together and then create content and choreograph the delivery and messaging so it is approriate to your audience. Engage, become an industry thought leader, become the place that users go to find out more about your industry and you you may help!

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