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Online Video Marketing & Production Long Island, NY

Video Marketing for your business!

Ever dream of having your brand on TV, but were priced out of that media? You are going to love the way we do video.

Online Video Marketing & Production

Planning & Production, Video Distribution & Marketing

The first step is to get the asset created. We work with you to put together a vision, script it out, and determine the type of video you will need to make your vision a reality! You can choose from live action, animated, white board, infomercial, and more. Professional voiceovers are available for you to choose from or, if you are inclined to be the voice yourself, you may do so!

Next, the video gets edited, and you get to view, suggest changes and then get a final version to approve.

Video Distribution & Marketing

Ok, now you have your video created and produced, so what do we do with it? Well, we can certainly load it up to all of the video channels, but the real exciting stuff is when you get to target individuals most likely to need your products or services, target content related to what you do, or target a broader demorgraphic. You can even use them in your email blasts!

Video Marketing is done in the same manner that display marketing is done - through an adserver. We take care of all of that for you by segmenting your market and targeting users based on the agreed upon criteria.

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