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If your website hasn't been reviewed for its accessibility, then you are:

  • At risk for a potential lawsuit
  • Providing a poor experience to 25% of the population

Keen Insites has an easy, plug in solution that will make your website ADA compliant. Our widget installation will protect your company and provide everyone with a positive experience!

We can fix:

  • Poor color contrast or color only information
  • Lack of text alternatives on images
  • Videos without captions
  • Providing only English content

Just to name a few. Without fixing these features, and others, your website is not in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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Our features will provide users with a better experience and mitigate legal risk by:

  • Ensuring customers with limited vision or color blindness won't miss any information.
  • Allowing people who are blind to be able to understand the purpose of each image.
  • Providing people with hearing disabilities the ability to understand the information being communicated.
  • Offering several interface languages - our widget will allow website viewers to translate content into one of four different languages!

Our solution also features a compliance statement so you can be at ease knowing that you are protected!

If you’d like to get your website ADA compliant, and see what it looks like on our website, visit us, and click the wheelchair icon at the bottom.

In the majority of cases, a small investment goes a very long way in avoiding lengthy lawsuits. Making your website compliant aligns directly with protecting your business, increasing your client base, and avoiding time consuming and costly lawsuits!

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How to Install ADA Compliance Plugin on Website

Are you looking to make your website ADA compliant? Installing an ADA compliance plugin can help you achieve that. To start, research the various plugins available and choose one that fits your website's needs. Once you have decided on a plugin, install it on your website by logging in to your web content management system and navigate to the 'Plugins' section. From there, click 'Add New' and search for your chosen ADA compliance plugin. Install the plugin and activate it. The plugin will scan your website for compliance issues and make the necessary changes. Not sure about the install ADA compliance plugin on website directions? Keen Insites can take care of all this for you. Reach out to us and we'll make your website accessible to all.


What is an ADA compliance website?

An ADA compliant website is a website that is designed and developed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses and organizations to ensure their websites are accessible to individuals with disabilities, including visual, auditory, and cognitive impairments. ADA compliance means that a website provides equal access to all, which is essential to prevent discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

How do I make my website ADA compliant?

Making your website ADA compliant involves several steps, including ensuring your website's design and layout meet accessibility standards. It also means creating accessible content that can be read and understood by individuals with disabilities, adding alternative text to images and videos, ensuring that website forms and functions are usable by everyone, and testing the website to ensure it meets accessibility standards. A website ADA compliance company is an option if you have limited resources or need help updating your website.

Why do you need an ADA compliant website?

An ADA compliant website is essential to avoid potential legal issues. The ADA requires that websites provide equal access to all, which is essential for people with disabilities to access important information and participate in activities online. Providing an accessible website also demonstrates your commitment to inclusion, helps build a positive brand image, and broadens your audience reach.

Why choose ADA site compliance?

There are many reasons why you should choose ADA site compliance. First, it will ensure that your website is accessible to all users, regardless of their disability. This will not only improve your website's user experience but also ensure that you do not violate any laws related to disability rights. Making your website ADA compliant will also improve your website's search engine rankings as search engines like Google consider accessibility as a ranking factor. It will also improve your brand's reputation as it shows that you value inclusivity and care about all your customers' needs, not just a specific group.

How do I check my website for ADA compliance?

There are various tools and services available that can help you check your website for ADA compliance. Automated testing tools can provide insights into possible issues, but manual testing by an experienced accessibility auditor is necessary to provide a complete picture. Consulting with a website ADA compliance company to ensure that your website meets accessibility standards and avoids potential legal issues.

Does my website need to be ADA compliant?

If your website is considered a "place of public accommodation" under the ADA, it needs to be ADA compliant. This includes websites that offer services such as online shopping, restaurant or hotel booking, healthcare services, and online education. Even if your website is not specifically covered by the ADA, it is still essential to consider accessibility for everyone and ensure your website is as inclusive as possible. Providing an accessible website can also benefit your business by broadening your audience reach.