Advertising Specialists

Book Author and Publishing Advertising Specialists

Promotion and advertising for a book launch is critical if you want to increase sales and exposure!

Authors and publishers NEED to get published works in front of as many potential readers as possible, in order to influence their buying decisions.

You need to have a sound advertising strategy as a writer, and in today’s world, you better have a digital plan!

If you do not promote your book, you may as well be invisible. In the last 10 years, the authors and publishers with the best digital presence have made it to the best seller list on Amazon and other ebook platforms. Let Keen Insites help you!

We have all kinds of info, stats, and charts to share, but we will tell you that without fail, we will help you compete online!

We work with you in Strategy Planning, Asset Creation, and Execution of the Strategy. Our team is composed of experts from both worlds of publishing and digital media.

Our author and publishing experts have been involved with successful campaigns with staggering results and stats in the use of digital media.

Our digital media experts have managed campaigns for both fiction and non-fiction authors. We create a plan that will target the readers most likely to choose your book. We can even create a lookalike audience of your existing readers and followers to expand that target internationally if you wish.

We break down markets and target with a specific message that resonates with the individual. Contact us today to set up a time to discuss your promotional needs.

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We are looking to help published:

  • Writers / Authors
  • Fiction Writers
  • Non-fiction Writers
  • Playwrights

Whether you are looking to build a national best-seller, or target a niche audience for your non-fiction book, we can help you plan and execute a digital strategy that will reach your audience quickly, affordably, and effectively.

We construct and manage effective social media strategies, build and communicate with your email list of supporters, insure website design and layout is as effective as possible, implement SEO and search marketing for the terms for which you MUST appear on page one of results, digital video placement (where it matters), and online display to get your message in front of readers when they are surfing the web and browsing future reads!

There is so much we can say - contact us and start on the path to success!

Authors & Publishers Advertising Services



Identifying your target audience and understanding where your potential clients are when they are browsing and consuming content online.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation / Growth Strategy

We manage your advertising and track all actions you would deem positive. Calls, forms, chats, and more!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Great content does more than expand your conversion pipeline, but should be looked at as authority building and educational tools. Increase your visibility and magnify the effect of your inbound lead-generating advertising as well.

Web Development

Web / App Development

Set yourself apart from your competitors with a great, modern look and functionality!

Programmatic Tactics

Programmatic Tactics

We set up the appropriate strategy to get in front of your target audience in some amazing places!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We help you build your list, segment, and distribute content in an automated fashion. Start mapping your desired customer experience and choreograph who gets what and when!