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Financial Services, Banking, and Federal Credit Union Marketing Experts

Keen Insites has been providing Digital Media Strategy & Services to Federal Credit Unions to help:

  • Increase New Membership Accounts
  • Increase Deposits via Share Certificate Promotion
  • Increase Credit Card Applications
  • Increase Usage of Credit Cards by Members
  • Increase Personal & Auto Loan Applications
  • Increase Reviews on Google and Other Platforms
  • Increase Social Media Following on All Platforms
  • Enhance Communication with Membership via Customer Journey Mapping

How did we do this?

  • With combinations of different tactics that will move the needle.
  • From branding, lead generation, and content creation, we have you covered! Oh, and we track everything!
  • Learn more about how we can specifically help your organization grow!

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Financial Services Advertising Services



Identifying your target audience and understanding where your potential clients are when they are browsing and consuming content online.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation / Growth Strategy

We manage your advertising and track all actions you would deem positive. Calls, forms, chats, and more!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Great content does more than expand your conversion pipeline, but should be looked at as authority building and educational tools. Increase your visibility and magnify the effect of your inbound lead-generating advertising as well.

Web Development

Web / App Development

Set yourself apart from your competitors with a great, modern look and functionality!

Programmatic Tactics

Programmatic Tactics

We set up the appropriate strategy to get in front of your target audience in some amazing places!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We help you build your list, segment, and distribute content in an automated fashion. Start mapping your desired customer experience and choreograph who gets what and when!

Credit Union Marketing and Advertising Experts

Keen Insites has a proven track record of helping federal credit unions connect with their audience and grow their membership base. We provide digital media strategy and services to enhance communication with members, increase deposits, applications, and social media following on all platforms. Our team offers branding, lead generation, and content creation to set you apart from competitors. We track all positive actions and set up a strategy to get in front of your target audience in some amazing places. Let us help you map your customer experience and automate content distribution to magnify the effect of your inbound lead-generating advertising.


How do I choose credit union marketing and advertising experts?

When selecting credit union marketing and advertising experts, it's essential to consider their experience. The experts you hire should understand the unique challenges of credit union marketing, have in-depth knowledge of the financial industry, and offer effective marketing solutions tailored to your specific needs. Keen Insites is a credit union marketing firm that offers all this and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help grow your business.

How does a credit union marketing firm help grow your business?

A credit union marketing firm helps you attract and retain members, expand your brand, and grow your business. By using various marketing channels such as digital, print, social media, and events, they create targeted campaigns that promote your products and services. They can also help with brand strategy, research, and analytics, providing data-driven insights to improve your marketing effectiveness.

What is the business model of a credit union?

A credit union is a not-for-profit financial institution that operates under the cooperative business model. Unlike for-profit banks, credit unions return their profits to members in the form of lower fees, higher interest rates, and improved services. Credit unions also prioritize financial education, community involvement, and member satisfaction.

What do customers want from a credit union?

Customers expect a credit union to offer competitive rates and fees, convenient access to services, personalized attention, and a range of financial products and services. They also want the credit union to prioritize their financial wellbeing by offering educational resources, financial planning, and personalized advice. Finally, they expect transparency, honesty, and accountability from the credit union in all its operations.