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Managed IT Services

The Keen Insites IT support team can provide your business with customized IT services directly and along with our strategic partner. Our experts provide our clients with the benefit of an in-house IT support team at a mere fraction of the cost. As a business owner, you already have a full plate of responsibilities. Let our IT support team take care of all of your technology needs. We will help you to navigate your digital landscape, provide opportunities for your business to grow, and monitor potential security threats to your systems. We will tackle issues BEFORE they arise! Our full-fledged Managed IT Services focus on keeping our clients’ networks running smoothly; so you can focus on reaching your business goals.

At Keen Insites, we offer the following services:

Network Design and Implementation:

Our experienced team can set up or reconfigure your network. It can often be an overwhelming and daunting task to upgrade your current system or to establish what is essential for a new business. Our IT professionals will create a system that is affordable and more importantly, tailored to your business needs.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Reduces the risk hackers pose to your business. Small and medium sized companies tend to have subpar cybersecurity and are often targeted as a result. Our team is alerted as soon as a threat is detected.

Know more about how employees are utilizing their work day. Learn about employee internet activity and prevent harmful programs from being downloaded.

Data Backup Management

Data loss, computer crashes and cyberattacks are real, everyday issues businesses face. They cost businesses money and resources. Data Backup Management acts as a security net for your business. Data Storage solutions we provide are:

Local Backup: A device is located onsite that is connected to your computer network. This single investment solution should consider the anticipated growth of your company. Online or Cloud Backup: The internet or Cloud is used to store data. Data can be accessed remotely. Your Cloud account can be modified as your business grows. Our IT team will provide monitoring services to protect your data from any potential breaches.

Our team takes routine snapshots of your data so that the latest business information is stored and can be recovered if needed. Secure your data now!

IT Asset Management

Monitoring your hardware and software inventory can help you to make cost effective decisions for your current and future IT needs.

IT Help Desk Support

Our experts can help employees with common remote technology issues. We will walk our clients through solutions and troubleshoot problems. A reliable remote support team can help deal with unforeseen issues. Let us help keep your technology running smoothly.

Virtual CTO

There are hundreds of IT vendors that are quick to get you tied to a contract. Our Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO), can provide you with the most efficient software, hardware and phone systems tailored to your business’ needs. A Virtual CTO consultation will help us to learn about the current state and future needs of your business. Each business is unique and so are their IT needs. We will provide vendor assessment and selection and negotiate fair contracts with IT vendors. While we monitor your systems, we will ensure vendors are providing the services they are contracted to do. Our trusted vendors provide the following:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Phone Systems
  • Internet Providers
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Email

Mobile Device Management

The increased accessibility and usage of laptops, tablets and smartphones has changed the way businesses function. More and more employees are working remotely. Mobile Device Management Software monitors and secures ANY device that accesses your network. Ensure your company’s network and data is secure.