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keeninsites Search Engine Optimization
keeninsites Search Engine Optimization

You have this amazing business. You have been helping people since 1990 and service is “State of the Art”. There are many potential new customers out there who would love what you do. You have an Excellent website that explains all the unique services and products you offer, and why people should use YOUR Business.

HOW are people going to find your website if they don’t even know you exist?

This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. SEO allows all the different Search Engines (i.e.: Google, Bing, etc.) to read all the content in your website. The Search Engine will then make sure your Website come up in the Results when someone uses some of the keywords in their search that are included in your website.

The more people use the keywords that appear in your website, the more these Search Engines understand you have a lot to offer and your website will appear on more Searches, and higher up in the Results. The higher up on the Results Pages, the more visible you are. The more users who see your website, the more traffic you can get. The more traffic you get, the more revenue you can generate!

Here is where Keen Insites can help!

We will build an organic presence to ensure your website appears in as many searches as possible.

We will work on both onsite and offsite tactics to improve where you stand in the algorithms of the search engines.

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