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Tattoo Industry Internet Advertising Specialists

Tattoo artists are growing in number. Tattoos are not just for sailors, bikers, and inmates anymore. (FYI - We get a lot of traffic to this page so if you are a tattoo industry supplier, check out our business to business page.) You need to make sure you can be found when people are looking for what you do, but don’t know where to go and get it.

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There’s a problem, while the industry is booming, your web presence is not what it should be. You are lacking on social media, your website was made by a relative or friend who used a "free template", you can’t be found on Google, but when you do, it's the wrong address, or the map function does not take people to your door. All of these are very frustrating.

Think of your consumer. Don’t they deserve the best artist working on their body? Your consumer has a great story behind their tattoo. In fact, we got into the tattoo industry because of our involvement with Stories of the Ink, an online reality series focused on the stories behind people’s tattoos... and by the way, we did the video production for it!

Lastly, getting your online footprint does not need to be expensive. Our Tattoo Shop bundle will do the following for you for $499/mo + One time set up fee of $500: Learn More

1x $500 Set Up fee Includes
Choice of 3 Website layouts for your shop
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram Set up
Google Analytics Install
Connect all your digital media to Our Dashboard
Website Transfer to our Server
Email set up @yourdomain for G Suite ($10/user fee monthly is additional)
Website Transfer to our Server
Google My Business Set Up
$499/mo includes
Host and Maintain Your Website
Listings Claimed and Managed on 75+ Sites
Access to our Dashboard (connects everything)
Google Analytics Reporting & Insights
SSL Certificate for Website
SEO Tattoo10 (Local Terms only)
Listing Page claimed and maintained on
Images loaded on
SEO Terms would be
SEO Tattoo 10 Term Variations
Tattoo Parlor (2x town)
Tattoos (2x town)
Tattoo Shop (2x town)
Tattoos near (2x town)
Business Name
Artist Name

If you don’t have a website and want to move fast, we have three layouts ready for you to choose from. You will need to supply the content. If you are looking for something custom, check out our web development page.

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