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Your Website is your virtual, electronic storefront! It must be appealing, responsive, and inviting with all the qualities that will help you to compete online and interact with your customers.

keeninsites Website Development
keeninsites Website Development

Lucky for you! We specialize in designing custom websites… AND keep your end goals in mind during the process as you will probably want to use it to gain new customers.

Whether you need an e-Commerce, Wordpress, HTML5, a simple brochure site, or a site that is more complex, we can do it!

Our consultation is FREE.

We ask that you are prepared for the consultation so that when you review your vision with one of our experts, you have a good idea of what you “like” as far as websites go, you know your business goals, and you allow us to help organize your website to achieve those goals. This way we can begin to move in the right direction. Here are some things to think about:

  • What kind of layout / look and feel do you like?
  • Will YOU be providing the content for your website, or will we be creating it for you? (see Website Content Development) Is your content in order? In a Digital format?
  • What is your color scheme? Do you have a logo ready, or do we need to create for you?
  • What are the special features, advantages, and benefits of your products and or services?

Just as a store on the street will change its Storefront Design from time to time, so should a website! Technology changes, your products and services may change, your marketing message may evolve, etc. As your digital consultants, we will work to keep your website fresh and updated.
We will provide you with a level of professional service that will make YOU look good, impress your prospective and current customers, and ensure a competitive edge in the online marketplace.

To see some recent examples of website projects we have cared for, please click here.

Choose Keen Insites for a high quality, professional approach.

We will also HOST and MAINTAIN your website: Rates may vary based on the bandwidth and storage needs of your website.

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